Interactive Theatre & Games

Call it pervasive play, social gaming, interactive theatre or visitor experience  – I’m interested and can offer a critical perspective informed by 20 years of live role play game design.

If you have an unusual event or setting, and you think people might enjoy interacting with stories in it in unusual ways then the type of work I do which might be called directing interactive theatre could meet your needs…

For me, this type of work blends 3 passions – story, spectacle and games design. It also means working  in collaboration, constantly exploring and experimenting, testing what kind of interaction works in what setting.

I can:

  • bring together collaborators to create a special intervention for your night club or party
  • design a new way for people to engage with an outdoor or historic building site
  • devise test games for pervasive play/street gaming events
  • use all of these techniques in a creative learning project for schools

I work both paid and on a voluntary basis in this field.

Clients and collaborators include: Jagex; Hawkstone Park and Follies; White Mischief; Profound Decisions; Firecat Masquerate; Mandala LRP

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