So. I tend to find myself skimming reviews on blogs because they’re too long and seem to need to comment on everything instead of just the stand out elements. That’s one reason for the 200 word box.

And I feel like the idea that a critic can wipe out personal taste and review material ‘objectively’ is long outmoded. In our beautiful subjective world, you need to know and understand your reviewer of choice to be able to even guess how their reviews would translate to your experience of a performance. And if I want you to know me that intimately, to beguile you into reading about shows you may well never see so that my reviews can have meaning for you? Well if I want all that from you, you can be sure I’m not going to ask for too much of your time to do it. 200 words. A tidbit you can easily digest.

Also deep in the distant past of my early student days, our college literary magazine decided to release an issue that was the size of a floppy disk. I liked that and 200 words seemed similar.

And I liked the title. Is 200 enough? I don’t know – is it?

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