Dominc Kelly telling stories

Dominic Kelly, the first ever Dreamfired performer and a regular at our Brigsteer venue

Escape from the Everyday with Dreamfired Storynights evenings out.

These events are your chance to put everything to one side, let the storytellers’ words enter your mind and transport you to amazing places. Our guests are performers at the top of their profession – regularly performing at major festivals,  arts centres and theatres across the UK and most work Internationally as well.

Some nights you’ll laugh like you’ve never laughed before, whilst others take a more poignant turn or play with tragedy – even gore. The styles are as varied as the subjects – one month might feel a little like going to see a stand up comedian, another a little like listening to a radio 4 play. Sometimes the whole show will be taken up with one complex, twisting narrative whilst on other occasions you might get a rapid fire series of shorter tales.

As well as the main performance each month, the first half of the evening features songs, stories and poems from local performers and visitors, creating a festive atmosphere.

There’s no reading, and it is definitely not just for children.

The storyteller’s craft is original and full of surprises – most compose their work out loud, rather than writing it down, and many keep the performance flexible – a partial improvisation in front of every audience. Its exciting, and not quite like anything else – why not come and try it.

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