Why walk?

a woman in black and grey clothes walking away from the camera under an old oak tree

I want to walk across the UK, volunteering as I go. That’s it really, that’s the plan. Simple in theory. Challenging to put together.

The aim is to use skills I have to support lots of small charities and maybe to ask them to find me places to stay or feed me. I want to mix it with some wilder wandering for my own pleasure too. I’m planning to start in late Summer 2022.

Helping charities

I’m Kat Quatermass, and I am 47, peri-menopausal, a serial career changer, often workaholic, sometimes chronic pain sufferer. I have a rebellious streak that is near semi-permanently suppressed. I’ve worked for over 20 years in local government, fundraising, storytelling and tech4good. I believe I can be useful to charities and other non profits, hopefully in a lot of ways. And I love to walk in wild places and cities I don’t know.

Creative coping mechanisms

publicity flyer of dark figure in woods

Part of the project is about a search for meaning. There’s something about perimenopause that makes existential angst get stronger. So I’ve also got some creative projects coming up – starting with the publication of the stories that I composed and performed for the show Love and Loss: Tales from Imagined Lands.